As newly elected Disabled Members Rep, I will fight for accessibility, democracy and policy making for us, by us.

These are my 12 pledges to disabled members.


  1. I’ll campaign to ensure the Party adopts the legal handbook produced by Disability Equality Act Labour, an excellent resource that, if implemented could be transformative for members.
  2. I will fight for a party-wide accessibility review to ensure our structures and decision-making are as inclusive and open as possible. 
  3. I will embed remote access for those that need it. It’s been shown to be not only possible but achievable, and I will argue for remote meetings and conferences to be kept, improved and extended
  4. I will make sure that accessible formats are normalised in Party communications so that all d/Deaf and disabled people can fully engage in party activity and read our campaign materials, including training for Party staff and organisers.
Ellen on a protest against Universal Credit


5. I’ll ensure that the disabled members’ structures we were promised in the Democracy Review are established at the next Labour Conference.

6.  I’m calling for a Disabled Members’ Leadership Programme, alongside resources, money and support, so the Party can remove some of the barriers that disabled members face to being selected and elected. 

7. I will always fight for and work with LGBTQ+ and BAME members, and the organisations they’re part of, making sure they are involved in decision making on disabled peoples’ policy every step of the way.  We must be intersectional in our fight for equality in the Party. 

Ellen on a protest standing side by side with others

Policy-making by us, for us

8. I’ll continue to work with the campaigns to scrap Universal Credit and work capability assessments, making sure the Labour Party doesn’t go back on this.

9. I will work with disabled trade unionists and Disabled People’s Organisations to produce and implement socialist policies and work with  Labour colleagues to make sure they are heard at every single level and in every single part of the party.

10.  I will proudly defend the proposal for a National Independent Living Support Service (NILSS).

11.  I will fight to get the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD) enshrined into law. Labour must not only support but also take a leading role in this campaign.

12.  I will make sure we implement Labour’s commitment to the social model of disability. It is society that disables us, not our impairments, and improving disabled people’s lives means ensuring this fundamental shift in understanding.

Logos of unions and organisations that support Ellen. They are Unite the Union, Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union, The Communications Union, Fire Brigades Union, Disabled People Against Cuts and Disability Labour.