About me

I was honoured to be elected to the NEC with the backing of thousands of disabled members and trade unionists, Disabled People Against Cuts and Disability Labour.

When I became seriously unwell in 2015, I faced years-long waiting lists for treatment, cuts to local services and the indignity of the work capability assessment. 

It would’ve been easy to feel powerless, but the movement showed me just how much power I had.

Ellen Morrison stands in a park smiling

I joined the Labour Party and campaigned with Disabled People Against Cuts and Unite Community.

Together, we protested and demanded an end to the vicious policies enacted by the DWP.

I brought the motion that changed Unite policy to Stop and Scrap Universal Credit, and the Trades Union Congress and Labour followed suit.

The disabled people’s movement must be united in taking on the Tories, but the party must first look inwards if we’re going to make real change.

For too long, we have been told it’s “too difficult” or “too expensive” to open up our meetings and conferences to disabled members. For too long, we’ve waited for the democratic structures and organisation that we were promised in Labour’s democracy review.

I will always stand up for my BAME and LGBTQ+ friends and comrades.

I’ll take you with me as we fight to embed the disabled people’s movement into the Labour Party.

I’m from our movement and I’ll fight for our movement.

Read my policies.

Logos of unions and organisations that support Ellen. They are Unite the Union, Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union, The Communications Union, Fire Brigades Union, Disabled People Against Cuts and Disability Labour.